2021 Memberships


2021 Memberships


January-April 2021


  • Show Baseball Membership cost is $89 for Show Players and $99 for non Show Players
  • Registration includes 30 day access from date of registration for any membership class offered
  • Information on classes are under Important File links to the right
  • Sign up using Purchase Membership link to the right
  • Register for MA classes using Lawrence Registry and NH classes using Salem Registry
  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions, MA Members must attend a class at the Lawrence facility.  NH members must attend classes in the Salem facility. 
  • Membership classes are highlighted in royal blue in EZ Facility
  • Includes 10% off all facility retail stores
  • $30 half hour lessons with ANY instructor

Membership schedule starting 1/4/21 is as follows:

Lawrence-MA Residents: Tuesdays-Swiper 4-4:30pm, Wednesdays-Stick It 4-4:30pm, Bring The Heat 4:30-5, Thursdays-Barrel It Up 4-5pm, Flash The Leather 5-5:30pm

Salem-NH Residents: Tuesdays-Stick It 5:30-6pm, Bring The Heat 6-6:30pm, Flash The Leather 6:30-7pm, Barrel It Up 7-8pm; Wednesdays-Swiper 4:30-5pm